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James Area Consultant Training Phone Tree

Access Code 62135#

Select any number from the menu to hear specific training from one of our James Area Directors
Press # at any time to return to the main menu

Training Menu:
1:  Purpose of a facial/class/party being others focused:  Shelly Filkins
2:  Botanical Line: Marsha Strasburg
3:  Time Wise Skin Care:  Amie Christly
4:  Repair System:  Barb Layman
5:  Brushes: Whitney James
6:  Booking your facials/classes/parties:  Laurie Cole
7:  Portfolio Booking:  Rachel Wahle
8:  Pre-profiling/coaching:  Laurie Cole
9:  Class/Party Opening:  Leah Nelson
10: Referrals from your facials/classes/parties:  Tammy Niehaus
11: Roll-Up Bag Close:  Maria Netherton
12: Customer Service, taking care of your clients:  Patty Bailey